• Solution : Dangerous Goods Detection
  • Categories : Compliance
  • Processing Time : 1-10 seconds
  • API available : Yes
  • Subscription available : Yes
  • Data used: billions of real-life products data

Solution: DG Hazardous Substance Prediction

Moaah uses billions of datasets of real life products and their chemical composition data to detect presence of restricted substances such as flammable liquids based on the disclosure of chemical components by similar products.

Moaah is able to predict item categories to detect presence of batteries in electronics, as lithium batteries are one of the most commonly shipped dangerous goods shipped by air and sea.

  • Prediction of item categories.
  • Machine learning deployed to increase accuracy real-time.
  • Battery presence alerts for items.
  • Hazardous substances found automatically matched to the safety regulation of choice, such as IMDG.