• Solution : OCR
  • Categories : Document Digitalisation
  • Processing Time : 1-10 seconds
  • API available : Yes
  • Subscription available : No
  • Coverage Commercial Invoices, Packing List, BL, Manifest, AWB, Shipper's Declaration Forms

Solution: OCR (Document Digitalisation)

Moaah uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for data extraction to convert any paper form documents in pdf and image files into structured digital assets in csv, json or other preferred output forms. Moaah has developed the OCR specifically for the industry use for shipping and logistics companies.

To get started, Moaah offers free discovery sessions to understand the requirements of data extraction, to select the ideal data input and output formats and structures of data flow. Unlike other customised OCR services, Moaah does not require heavy data training for most standard documents in the industry.

  • Short processing time under 10 seconds for each document.
  • Built for shipping and logistics industry.
  • Custom input and output formats available.
  • No data training required.