• Solution : 6-digit HS Import Tariff Rates
  • Categories : Customs, Tariffs
  • Processing Time : 1-3 seconds
  • API available : Yes
  • Subscription available : Yes
  • Coverage 91 countries national jurisdictions

Solution: 6-digit HS import tariff rates

Based on the 6-digit HS Code search, Moaah provides information of the destination country's national import tariff rates for the goods.

The information for the tariff rates include Simple average ad valorem duty, Maximum ad valorem duty, Number of national tariff lines, presence of duty free national tariff lines, presence of non-ad valorem duty national tariff lines.

  • Covers over 91 countries' 6-digit HS Code Import Duty Rates.
  • Covers all 6 digit HS Codes tariff rates (over 7,500+).
  • Recommendation of HS codes available.
  • Preferential rates available for specific origin countries.