• Solution : HS Code Match
  • Categories : Compliance
  • Processing Time : 1-7 seconds
  • API available : Yes
  • Subscription available : Yes
  • Coverage All HS Goods

Solution: HS Code Match

Moaah is able to match 6 digit HS Codes to any products name, even if they are ambiguous, generic or commercial names. Matching the correct HS codes is essential in declaring for Customs taxes and import restrictions. It is illegal to declare wrong HS Codes to Customs when shipping items internationally.

Moaah uses billions of real life datasets of previous shipments declared by shippers to Customs Authorities and Port terminals around the world. We use our own proprietary algorithm to match based on probability of identifying the correct item categories.

  • Real time update on new product names
  • Able to detect commercial brand names
  • Using United Nations standards of HS descriptions
  • Multiple 6 digit HS Codes match