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Core Technology

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Digitization with NLP

All documents are converted into a machine readable and analysable format for our software to read their contents for pre-processing to enable machine learning application.

  • Applying structure to an unstructured raw data to read, analyse and validate document content
  • Natural Language Processing for data validation with text mining technique
  • No duplicate copies by creating files pathways
  • Text classification, information retrieval, natural language generation and natural langugae understanding

Automated Decision Making with Machine Learning

Self-learning and Self-correcting system of feedback loop that constantly analyses data set rules against results to create accurate automated processes for decision making.

  • Supervised & unsupervised machine learning algorithm.
  • Deep machine learning with artificial neural network, with interconnection creating output of all neurons weighted proportionately for their weight and relevance.
  • Replacing required manual input or providing data for better informed decision making

Distributed Ledger Technology

With DLT, de-centralise data communication and management among both internal and external stakeholders. Set up customised consensus-based permissioned nodes to create an on-chain ecosystem which enables real-time and authenticated exchange of data and value assets.

  • Establishing an archive authentic data as required under regulations such as GDPR, REACH, and RoHS.
  • Setting up document management system for project management which requires high security and complex protocols for document accessibility.
  • To gain analytical insights when managing company assets, to be reflected timely on internal resource management tools (ie. ERPs).
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Smart Contracts

It is the simplest and most secure way to transact assets with autonomous, transparent and time-stamped exchange of assets when set milestones are fulfilled. Smarts contracts can be integrated with our solutions to scale company’s operations and innovate existing business model to provide new revenue streams.

  • Tokenize any assets or data to create value and trade with third parties
  • Eliminate any intermediaries including financial institutions to save time and cost
  • Simplify asset valuation process by including real-time evaluation of asset availability and its market value
  • Integrate with IOT data for hardware or physical commodities trade


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Combination of powerful technologies to automate & innovate your operations.

Using DLT and machine learning, we build enterprise software for data exchange for regulatory compliance and asset transactions using smart contracts.

We eliminate the need of humans to be the data intermediary between an ERP and third parties.

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Document Management System for Regulatory Compliance.

We create DLT based DMS, using permissioned nodes to create an on-chain ecosystem where all documents relating to regulatory compliance (ie. REACH, RoHS, GDRP) can be deposited and locked safely in a secure and encrypted environment.

Unlike traditional ERPs, our software can give access to external stakeholders within restrictions set forward by the client company to timely update and authenticate the inflow of the regulatory documents.

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De-centralized data exchange ecosystem for enterprises to exchange assets among third parties.

We revolutionise the ways companies exchange data and assets with third parties to eliminate time lapse and disconnect between the originator and stakeholders of the data/assets.

With our Solution, companies can receive and process these data simultaneously to make better informed decisions in handling, divesting and investing company’s resources.

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