Over 130+ countries' trade regulations and data from government sources.


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  • AI powered HS Code Match

    Simply search by 'product names' and we will match 6-digit HS codes with 99.9% accuracy.

  • Directly from Government Sources

    All our data is directly sourced from government agencies and we do not rely on any private third party sources.

Our Data

Directly from Government Sources

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HS Code Match (AI)

Option to choose different HS codes reporting standards. 99.9% match rate. Accuracy rating provided.

Import Duty

6-digit HS Code import duty to 91 countries. Presence of duty free tariff lines. Includes preferential duty rate schemes.

HS Goods Trade Volume

Export/Import trade volumes ($) and weight (kg) covering 140 countries and 7,900+ HS codes.

Import Regulations

Domestic market standards that protect human, animal, or plant life or health, such as food safety and products spec standards.

Dangerous Goods

For transport of goods via sea, land and air, to detect presence of hazardous substances that require DG packaging.

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